SDG-SGPS SA, develops multibrand projects, mainly in Tourism and Real Estate.
With an horizontal growth, it interlinks cross experiences and develops the capacity to create synergies.
Searches partners with technology and serves as a facilitator to enter and implement niche projects,
innovative and unique in the areas where it involves itself.
SDG-SGPS, S.A., is owned in equal parts by two holdings, the SJU and the SDJA.
With headquarters at Campo Grande no 35 – Galeria C, Lisbon, the three holdings
divide, organize, expedite and maximize operationally the real estate assets and share participations to take advantage of the group synergies, creating economies of scale and strengthen the image with its business partnerships

business activity









The Mission of SDG is to create value through partnerships with either strategic individuals or companies,
that integrate the value chain of the company.
The Values of the company rely on establishing trusting longterm relationships with business partners and collaborators,
to capitilize on the recognition and notariety of their activity.